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Good Morning Bucks County!

Good Morning, Dear Friends and Family! As the sun gently rises over our beloved Bucks County, I wanted to take a moment to share some soulful Sunday updates with all of you. It's a beautiful day, and I hope this message finds you well and at peace. Bucks County Bytes YouTube Channel: Love Unleashed- Recently, I embarked on a new journey and created a YouTube channel that's close to my heart. It features mesmerizing imagery and enchanting music specially curated for

relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation. Whether you want to start your day stress-free or provide a serene atmosphere for your furry companions, you'll find it here. It's a brand-new endeavor, so please show your support by giving it a like and subscribing. Your presence means the world to me! You can find my Love Unleashed under my Bucks County Bytes YouTube channel. Calypso & Simba 2024 Calendars: Exciting news for those who love our breathtaking Bucks County views! Our 2024 calendars will be available come October. Look forward to two editions: the Mud Calendar and Calypso and Simba Best Buddies, featuring some of those awe-inspiring sunrises, sunsets, and muddy puppies that grace our county!! Stay tuned for more details! 'Cast Your Footsteps' written by my Grandmother Agnes Mae Geisenhoner née Russell and I as a contributor author, I'm thrilled to announce that my grandmother's cherished book, "Cast Your Footsteps," is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats. It's a labor of love that took considerable time to bring to the public. While it took years for her to write, I'm grateful to have shared it with my family, friends, and those who appreciate a glimpse into a bygone era. Some historical societies have even expressed interest in it. It's quite a lengthy read, so savor it in your own time, and if possible, leave a review on Amazon. Your feedback means the world! Upcoming Literary Adventures: There's no shortage of exciting literary projects in the pipeline. First up is a sci-fi novel, a departure from my usual style but a thrilling endeavor. Secondly, Dr. Patrick Sanaghan and I have decided to collaborate on a book, a remarkable partnership between mentor and mentee. And last but certainly not least, a heartwarming tale about life on the farm with my beloved dogs, Herkales and Samson, set to be released just in time for Christmas. Plus, I'm diligently training for the Moab Run The Rocks in March – an exhilarating challenge! That's the Sunday update, my dear friends and family. I hope these tidbits of news add a touch of warmth and inspiration to your day. May your Sunday be filled with tranquility, joy, and the promise of beautiful tomorrows. With love and gratitude, Calypso & Me

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Patrick Sanaghan
Patrick Sanaghan
Sep 24, 2023

Thanks for sharing! GREAT stuff

Unknown member
Sep 24, 2023
Replying to

You are so welcome!!🐾❤️

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