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Calypso is an English Lab right here from Bucks County. Highly intelligent, knows 25 commands, can count and do math, highly energetic and can walk many miles well behaved under an ecollar. She has a ton of friends both human and furry! 

I will be doing blogs on dogs, health and wellness, fitness, and travel. 

Welcome to Calypso's page!! Calypso is everyone's favorite English Labrador, as she brings a smile to everyone's face and she's known by name throughout Bucks County for her happiness and zeal for adventure! Calypso, my beloved English Labrador, is a boundless source of infectious happiness and unwavering love that has the remarkable power to uplift anyone's spirits. Her joyful demeanor and boundless enthusiasm for life have an incredible ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days. With every wag of her tail and gleam in her eyes, she effortlessly spreads a sense of joy and positivity that is truly contagious. Calypso's exuberance knows no bounds, and her presence is like a ray of sunshine, casting away any shadows of negativity. She has touched the lives of countless people, leaving an indelible mark with her radiant personality. So much so, that her motto, "Live Life Like A Lab," has become a testament to her vibrant spirit and serves as a reminder for us all to embrace life with the same unbridled zest that she embodies every single day. Our blogs will lift your spirits and always know we are just a tail wag away if you need to have a walk or a hike with Calypso!!! Life coaching and spiritual walks await you!!

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